Ubisoft brings Rabbids to The Sandbox metaverse

Ubisoft’s great web3 conquest continues.
ubisoft the sandbox nft
Ubisoft’s Rabbids will have their own land in The Sandbox metaverse.

The Sandbox announced its collaboration with Ubisoft regarding hosting Rabbids in The Sandbox gaming metaverse. Ubisoft will have its LAND in The Sandbox world and interactive experiences. Players can use Ubisoft’s characters to create their custom experiences using The Sandbox’s VoxEdit and Game Maker tools.

Rabbids will soon enter The Sandbox metaverse. This collaboration allows players and gaming enthusiasts to have Ubisoft’s characters in their games. We can expect more Ubisoft games adapting blockchain & NFTs. Earlier, Ubisoft invested in Animoca Brands to help them raise $65 million. The company has been making several web3 related announcements for a while. Last December, Ubisoft revealed its NFT platform, Ubisoft Quartz.

Ubisoft’s Rabbids will populate The Sandbox metaverse.

Regarding The Sandbox and Rabbids collaboration, The Sandbox co-founder and COO Sebastien Borget told Decrypt the following:

“The Sandbox is welcoming all creators alike, whether born in web3 or already established game studios. We’re pleased to see a company such as Ubisoft embrace the values of decentralization and let fans play with the Rabbids in novel experiences owned by their creators. The moment aligns with our mission to build the open metaverse, where everyone is welcome.”

Sebastien Borget, The Sandbox co-founder and COO.

The Sandbox serves users as an online metaverse game that lets them purchase LAND parcels sold as NFT assets. Monetization of the property is the central concept in The Sandbox. Players can buy and sell NFTs, rent out, customize and build on their LAND and use external NFT assets in The Sandbox. In The Sandbox, NFTs are used as land parcels, 3D avatars, and other items that can be bought and sold by users.

The Sandbox isn’t launched, but it held its first public alpha test late last year and is planned to be on the market sometime in 2022. The Sandbox made partnerships with many brands and celebrities, including Snoop DoggAdidasThe Walking Dead, and Warner Music Group.

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