Unity’s Tapjoy starts offering daily rewards

Unity announced the launch of Daily Rewards, a new campaign type for its offerwall product, Tapjoy.

Tapjoy, a rewarded marketplace, traditionally connects advertisers with app users seeking incentives for completing actions within an app. This user acquisition strategy aims to deliver high-quality and engaged users with a strong return on ad spend (ROAS) for advertisers.

Daily Rewards incentivizes users with in-app rewards for tasks like completing levels or winning battles. This encourages daily app use to accumulate rewards as players progress. This approach targets users who prefer smaller, frequent rewards over less frequent, larger rewards.

According to the announcement, Daily Rewards maintains the existing optimization model used by Tapjoy, promoting user engagement, fostering player loyalty, and driving long-term value for advertisers.

Key benefits for mobile game advertisers:

  • Increased conversion rates: More frequent rewards cater to various player preferences across different game genres, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Improved ROAS: Capping the daily rewards received incentivizes players to return to the offerwall and spend more time within the advertised game, potentially leading to higher ROAS.
  • Simplified bid management: Advertisers set a single maximum bid for user completion of the final action in the advertising funnel.

Daily Rewards are also claimed to benefit app publishers who monetize with Tapjoy by attracting a new user segment receptive to frequent rewards. Apps using Daily Rewards in beta testing reportedly observed a 6% average increase in unique daily users converting on an offer.

This update signifies Unity’s focus on enhancing user engagement and advertiser value within the Tapjoy offerwall platform.

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