Verve Group acquires Jun Group, boosting pro forma revenues to $447 million

Verve Group acquires Jun Group, achieving $447M in pro forma revenues and $151M in adjusted EBITDA, strengthening its position in mobile digital advertising.
Verve Group Acquires Jun Group, Boosting Pro Forma Revenues to $447M

Verve Group acquired Jun Group, a mobile-first digital advertising firm, for a combined pro forma revenue of $447 million and adjusted EBITDA of $151 million. The acquisition enhances Verve Group’s market position and financial targets. Jun Group, known for its innovative mobile ad solutions, will be integrated into Verve Group’s existing operations. The acquisition aims to leverage Jun Group’s expertise in digital advertising, particularly mobile-first strategies.

Transaction Overview

  • Jun Group’s mobile-first demand side business with direct access to 230+ Fortune 500 Advertisers and Agencies in the United States is the perfect fit for Verve’s market leading US centric mobile-supply-side platform. The Transaction will result in a more balanced sales model with 30% demand-side business and 70% supply-side business.
  • Jun Group serves a constantly growing and highly diversified client base.
  • The transformative transaction will materially increase the size and profitability of Verveadding circa 23% revenue and 43% adj. EBITDA to the group, resulting in about €447 million revenues and €151 million adj. EBITDA on a pro forma basis 2024E.
  • The total consideration on a cash and debt free basis amounts to EUR 170 million
  • Verve’s already strong H1 2024 combined with this transformative acquisition leads to a significant 2024 guidance increase to €380-400 million (350-370m) in revenue and €115-125 million (100-110m) in adj. EBITDA.
  • Following the significant increased size and profitability, Verve updates its mid-term financial targets to 25-30% Revenue CAGR (unchanged), 30-35% EBITDA margin (25-30%), 20-25% EBIT margin (15-20%) and reduces the net leverage target significantly to 1.5-2.5x (2.0-3.0x).

Combined Group Financials 2024

€mVerve (IFRS)Jun Group (IFRS)1CombinedPro Forma1
adj. EBITDA10545151
adj. EBITDA margin29%52%34%
Pro forma Including annualized synergies materialized in 2024
  • The combination of Verve and Jun Group significantly expands reach and scale of the combined company with proforma revenues of approximately €447 million and EBITDA of €151 million in 2024.
  • The 52% EBITDA margin of Jun Group is expected to be achieved by combining the attractive size of Jun Group’s demand side business with Verve’s market leading supply side platform which results in significant revenue and cost synergies.
  • The high EBITDA margin of 52%, thereof 95% cash EBITDA, improves Verve’s combined EBITDA margin to 34% and significantly increases the cash conversion.
  • At an implied 10% organic growth rate in 2025, the EBITDA will grow to approximately €170m of which approximately 80% is cash EBITDA.
  • The Transaction will improve Verve’s balance sheet, increase flexibility and reduce leverage to 2.4x on 2024E pro forma basis (2.8x including deferred payment).
  • The strong cash EBITDA will materially improve the quality of earnings and the ability to deleverage. The improved leverage metrics are expected to reduce funding cost once existing debt is refinanced.
  • The total consideration on a cash- and debt- free basis is divided into three fixed components comprising 3 installments totaling €170 million
  • €120 million closing consideration will be paid from cash at hand while the company intends to issue equity to maintain the Company’s desired capital structure with a mid-term pro forma Net Leverage ratio of 1.5-2.5x.
  • The deferred consideration is payable in two annual instalments of €25 million and will be paid out of running cashflow 12 and 18 month after closing.
  • The Acquisition is expected to close around September 2024, pending regulatory approvals.

Over the past few years, we have built Verve into a strong, organically growing media company with a primary focus on the advertising supply side. With Jun Group, we are now significantly strengthening the demand side, which will enable us to achieve significant synergies. With a better balance between supply and demand, we can further increase transparency and efficiency for our clients, both publishers and advertisers, in line with our mission “Let’s Make Media Better”. In summary, this acquisition takes Verve to the next level, both operationally and in terms of growth and profitability, while reducing leverage.

Remco Westermann, CEO of Verve
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