Village Studio raises $2.3 million for NFT avatars

Village Studio’s Playken avatars are designed as cross-game NFT elements.
Playken avatars can be used in multiple games.

Village Studio announced that it had raised $2.3 million from an investment round for Playken, its cross-game NFT avatars. Village Studio’s founding team is highly experienced. Among the founders of the company are names such as Will Luton (SEGA, Rovio), Cyril Barrow (Rovio, EA), and Tak Fung (Microsoft, Zynga).

The investment round was led by Animoca Brands, which has invested in more than 200 Web3 projects so far. Also, Venrex, AngelHub, K3, and WinZO were among the companies participating in the investment round.

Village Studio’s Playken avatar project provides cross-game item transfer and interoperability. Playken avatars and outfits, which are NFTs, can be used in multiple games. Thus, players can access their avatars and NFTs from any game they wish.

Will Luton, Co-Founder of Village Studio, says:

“It’s great to have Animoca Brands on board with us for this journey. They instantly got what we were looking to achieve and the problems we are here to solve.”

Such projects are critical to expanding the usage areas of NFTs. NFT and avatars, which can be used in many parts of the new Web3 world without being tied to a game, embody the true potential of Web3.

The $2.3 million funding will be used to expand Village Studio’s team and strengthen the infrastructure of its platform. Another Co-Founder of the company, Cyril Barrow, says:

“Making game items interoperability valuable for players and developers is our vision. Having Animoca Brands by our side and backing us is a great opportunity for Village Studio.”

Yat Siu, Chairman, and Co-Founder of Animoca Brands, adds:

“Village Studio, a team that has strong experience and a clear vision for the future, is building novel experiences in gaming with an emphasis on interoperability. We’re thrilled to be a part of this project and look forward to its success.”

It is currently unknown in which games Playken avatars can be used. The company continues to work on expanding its game portfolio.

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