Wemade and Metagravity partner for blockchain games

The duo will look to make quality Web3 games that can connect the metaverse.

Korean blockchain game giant Wemade has announced an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) partnership with London-based metaverse engine developer Metagravity. The collaboration aims to bring Wemade’s vision of building an experience people can enjoy by playing a well-made game and a vast platform that could connect everything.

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Founded in 2021, MetaGravity is a deep-tech startup that operates on the boundaries of blockchain and the metaverse. The company looks to build the next generation of live, breathing digital worlds that will entice gamers by leveraging their knowledge in massive-scale processing and engine technologies.

Wemade describes WEMIX3.0 as a high-performance EVM-compatible open-source protocol powered by the SPoA(stake-based proof of authority) consensus algorithm. The protocol is secured by 40 decentralized authority nodes operated by global partners as on-chain community DAO.

The company aims to design an efficient platform-driven and service-oriented public blockchain home to innovative projects and applications built by its community.

Wemade has seen some activity in recent months, as the company partnered with Sandbox Network to cooperate in the Web3 space in December 2022. A month prior, 2022 League of Legends champions DRX and WeMade also announced a partnership.

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