Wemade announced a new NFT platform named NILE

The new platform called NFT Is Live Evolution will make things easier for artists.
NILE logo and a London themed NFT collection
Wemade announced a new DAO platform named NILE

Wemade introduced the new on-chain DAO platform NFT Is Life Evolution (NILE). The company has been investing heavily in the area of blockchain day in and day out. The platform integrated into Wemade’s web will allow the artists to promote their work and earn money. According to Wemade, DAO members will be able to earn rewards through different means such as concerts, art exhibitions, sporting events, and investments.

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WEMIX welcomes users with a classy website, relaying lots of information on the main page. With the introduction of NILE, a design named London Underground Station 264 by Jeeha and Locko is already being displayed on the platform as an NFT collection.

Wemade CEO Henry Chang had these comments about the platform:

“With our utility coin WEMIX, and WEMIX$, a 100% fully reserved stablecoin, we are launching our own mainnet, WEMIX3.0. The mainnet will provide a complete set of games, DAO-based NFT, and DeFi. This platform-driven and service-oriented public blockchain will help build a better future for all of us.”

WEMIX also houses a P&E gaming platform called WEMIX PLAY. There are games such as MIR4, Four Gods, Every Farm, and Rise of Stars on said platform. It’s also possible to transfer your in-game income into WEMIX via a simple online wallet system. According to the information on the website, the DeFi service named WEMIX FI will also be released soon. Currently, there is no further information about this service.

NILE is powered by a protocol called Neith. This protocol ensures the platform’s safety while assisting in scalability and cooperation, whether on-chain or off-chain. The company states that this protocol will provide a problem-free organization and management for large-scale projects on the platform. For more information on NILE, you can visit the official website here.

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