WePlay Ventures extends its influence in Central Asia

WePlay Ventures established multiple partnerships and collaborations in Central Asia, more specifically Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia, to extend its presence and influence in Central Asia.
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WePlay Ventures is a gaming venture capital focusing on pre-seed and seed-stage gaming studios in Europe, Central Asia, and Türkiye. Although having moved its headquarters to the Netherlands, the company’s focus regions haven’t digressed. After launching a gaming acceleration program a couple of months ago, the firm aims to provide support to gaming startups from their inception by establishing local game incubation centers in Central Asia. The announcement of partnerships in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia marks WePlay Ventures’ efforts to elevate the gaming ecosystem throughout the region.

WePlay Ventures seeks to leverage its accomplishments and expertise in Türkiye to extend its influence into Central Asia. By fostering links between this region and the global game industry, the company has inked partnership deals with key entities: Astana Hub in Kazakhstan, IT Park in Uzbekistan, Sabah HUB in Azerbaijan, and Future Laboratory in Georgia. Beyond these collaborations, WePlay Ventures intends to establish a physical presence in these countries in the near future. The overarching goal of WePlay is to invigorate game development teams within the region and facilitate the integration of emerging talents into the gaming ecosystem.

WePlay Ventures has collaborated with GameDev Center, a gaming initiative led by Astana Hub in Kazakhstan to back Kazakhstani game developers with technical education, mentorship, research, and community building.

The close cooperation with IT Park Uzbekistan is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing the game industry within the country, rendering substantial aid in areas such as accounting, law, marketing, and education.

WePlay Ventures has established a partnership with Sabah Hub, an initiative under the Azerbaijan Education Project led by the Republic of Azerbaijan’s Education Institute. Sabah Hub’s principal objective is to foster the inception and growth of new enterprises.

By engaging in a dynamic collaboration with Future Laboratory, an innovation consultancy and management company in Georgia that aims to enrich lives through innovation and technology, WePlay Ventures is poised to revolutionize the gaming landscape in Georgia.

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