What happened this October on Mobidictum Discord Talks?

As Mobidictum’s weekly Discord Talks continue, let’s rediscover what happened in the first four episodes of the first season.

This October, in preparation for Mobidictum’s Tallinn event, we have brought back Mobidictum Discord Talks and hosted four discussions for anyone in our community to come and watch and even participate in.

The talks themselves did not gather as many people as we had hoped, but we still think it would be very worth your time to check them out on our Spotify, which is why we would like to show you what happened in this very article. And if you end up liking any of the talks, tune in to the content we plan for the next month because more info on it will be released very soon!

1) Dev Talk with Oakwarrior from Placeholder Gameworks

The first dev talk was with Oakwarrior or just Oak. Oak was a developer at Disco Elysium before coming to Placeholder Gameworks, where he worked on Death & Taxes. Right now, their studio is developing two games: Craft Craft and Broken Alliance. We had a very insightful discussion on the philosophy of choice in video games and how to implement it properly; check it out if you want to learn more about how to make your players’ choices meaningful to them.

2) Dev Talk with DrHogan from Hammer u0026amp; Ravens

DrHogan’s company is developing very cute pixel art games in a vast range of genres, from a roguelike to a tower defense strategy to a monastery brewery tycoon game. We have talked about how to sustain unity while having a diverse portfolio, about ways to channel your real-life passions into game design, and advice for those who want to get in the right mindset to make their own games. Check this talk out if you want a lighthearted discussion about beer and game design – the two most essential things in life!

3) Dev Talk with Sergey and Anastasia from Vameon

Sergei and Anastasia came to our discord to talk about dEmpire of Vampire, a Vampire: the Masquerade-inspired NFT play-to-earn game set in the world of vampires and men. We have talked about the role of crypto and its current reputation, as well as ways to make it work for the player as a technology rather than a scam. We also had a very insightful conversation about making character creation screens and different ways to revolutionize character design. Check it out if you want to learn about different developments in the NFT sphere of the game industry. 

u003cspan lang=u0022ENu0022u003e4) Dev Talk with Edvard Dumansky about his indie game Novusu003c/spanu003e

Our last talk of the month was with Edvard Dumansky, an indie developer who also works for Hammer & Ravens but has a side project called Novus, on which he is the lead game designer. We talked about the challenges of being an indie dev and the different inspirations that they use to make their games, as well as touching on the topic of how many times one needs to fail to succeed in game dev. Check it out for a very cool conversation with a person who is converting negative experiences in their life into an interesting and insightful game.

This is just the beginning of what we have in store for Mobidictum Discord Talks. Subscribe to Mobidictum Discord, for there are many more exciting new events to come!

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