Tips and tricks for “Winning in the Nordics” by AppsFlyer

Experienced names tell their success stories and offer specific advice.
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AppsFlyer’s new podcast series appeals to many branches of the industry.

Mobile marketing and analytics services provider AppsFlyer has released a podcast series called Winning in the Nordics. Annelie Näs was the person who conducted interviews with essential names in the industry. Currently providing consultancy services under her own companies, Naes Invest and Aimfor, Annelie has carried out many projects in the past and has been on many boards.

Podcast contributors include Wolt’s Anh Ngyuen, Preglife’s Jade Arana, Deconstructor of Fun’s Michail Katkoff, Lassie’s Donna Hanafi, and Hannah Meiton, who is known for her experience in SaaS. The speakers, who tell the stories of the companies they work with and the values they add, provide the audience with deep and valuable information.

Anh Nguyen working as VP of Performance Marketing for three years at Helsinki-based technology company Wolt. He is a highly experienced name who has held management positions in the marketing departments of big game companies such as Wargaming and Rovio. Explaining how the Wolt adventure started, how the company scaled, and what kind of recruitment strategies it implemented, Anh touches on the importance of human choices in this regard.

In the second part of the podcast series, we listen to the speech of Jade Arana, who has assumed the Head of Content and Premium in Preglife, a baby development application serving 7 million parents for more than ten years.

In her talk, Jada covers many topics, from how the company can make a profit to how content is reserved for premium or free. In addition, explaining how you can build trust between you and your target audience, Jada touches on the importance of content in this regard.

Another section features Michail Katkoff, who has years of experience creating free games and building studios. Katkoff, CEO and co-founder of Savage Game Studios and the founder of Deconstructor of Fun, gives a speech on how to be successful in mobile games. He says the game studios have a cross-discipline system. And he adds the problems of all departments require different solutions, and they all have a different mindsets.

When asked for any advice he can give, Katkoff tells studios to research the market well, identify their target audience, and analyze their competitors well. Katkoff also states that each type of game appeals to a different audience and has its secrets to success.

In another episode of the podcast series, we are going to Switzerland. Donna Hanafi, Chief Product & Engagement Officer at Lassie, a Stockholm-based pet insurance company, talks about how the company has survived in an industry in its infancy. Saying that this kind of service is beneficial in a scenario where pets’ veterinary and care costs are so unpredictable and huge, Donna also tells the audience what strategies the company has followed on its growth path and how they gamified this path.

VC and board member experience

In the last part, there is a speech by SaaS guru Hannah Meiton, who has been on the board of directors of many companies for years. Trying to convey his board experience to the audience, Meiton touches on issues such as when the board of directors will be appointed, what to consider when choosing members, and what is the difference between Sweden, a northern country, and Silicon Valley. She also conveys many insights about these topics to the audience.

In her speech, Meiton touched on how the communications with VCs developed and what should be considered, and upon a question, she states that this has no definite consequences and that it is entirely a matter of vision match.

If you are interested in insights, information, and success stories about the Scandinavian market, be sure to listen to the Winning in the Nordics podcast series by AppsFlyer. You can access the series by clicking the button above or reach Spotify, Apple, and Google podcast platforms.

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