Xsolla integrates parental control feature to enhance direct-to-consumer distribution

Xsolla collaborates with Privacy Vaults Online to integrate parental control feature into its solutions suite and enhance direct-to-consumer distribution with integrated parental control feature for game developers.

Xsolla has joined forces with Privacy Vaults Online, Inc. (PRIVO), a leader in children’s online privacy and identity management solutions. This collaboration introduces a parental control feature set, enriching Xsolla’s comprehensive suite of solutions under the Merchant of Record business model. The new feature empowers game developers to strengthen direct-to-consumer distribution strategies while ensuring heightened payment safety and user protection.

The Parental Control feature set enables game developers to integrate an additional layer of verification for parents, a function traditionally offered by platforms and marketplaces. This enhancement ensures secure and compliant payments when selling directly to consumers and gaming audiences.

Amidst the substantial global growth in video games, creating safe and enjoyable experiences for all audiences, particularly considering that 71% of children under 18 engage in video games, is paramount. Implementing the parental control feature aligns with the ethical treatment of gamers and empowers developers to cultivate secure and protected gaming experiences for players of all ages and locations.

Through collaboration with PRIVO, Xsolla aims to eliminate obstacles for game creators and developers while facilitating connections with their audiences. As the Merchant of Record, Xsolla is committed to ensuring developer compliance with regulations such as COPPA, General Data Protection Regulation, and other safety and security policies, particularly regarding children and minors. Integrating the Parental Control feature complements Xsolla’s range of services, including Xsolla Pay Station, Web Shop, Game Sales, and others, establishing a secure and streamlined payment ecosystem.

Anton Zelenin, Chief Product Officer, Fintech of Xsolla, emphasized, “Our collaboration with PRIVO underscores our commitment to bolstering video game commerce security for developers and creators, taking major steps towards safeguarding and empowering parents and young gamers worldwide.”

Denise G. Tayloe, CEO of PRIVO, expressed appreciation for Xsolla’s efforts, stating, “PRIVO welcomes the steps being taken by Xsolla to provide parents with control over online payments while still allowing children to play and engage online. Privacy protections for children and transparency regarding parents’ online spending habits are increasingly essential to building trust.”

The forthcoming integration of the Parental Control feature into Xsolla’s suite of products and solutions is anticipated in the latter part of this year. This initiative underscores Xsolla’s commitment to advancing the game industry’s security and fostering a safe environment for players of all ages.

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