Yield Guild Games raises $250,000 to help victims of Typhoon Odette

The donation campaign started on 17 December.
Yield Guild Games typhoon
Yield Guild Games has raised $250,000 for charity in the wake of the typhoon in the Philippines.

Filipino-based play-to-earn company Yield Guild Games has raised more than $250,500 to aid the victims of the recent typhoon Odette in the Philippines.

It has been reported that more than 500 people were injured and 375 lives were lost due to the typhoon that hit the Philippines in the past days. The typhoon, which made three airports in the region unusable, negatively affected the lives of 700 thousand people across the country and caused about 400 thousand people to be moved to safe areas and shelters.

Approximately ₱3 million ($60,000) was raised in the first hour of the fundraiser, which began on December 17. Yield Guild Games country manager Luis Buenaventura announced that ₱10 million ($200,000) had been raised by Saturday evening.

Donations were made in various currencies, including Ethereum, USDT, and Axie Infinity’s SLP and AXS. Donations were allocated for multiple needs, including medicine.

Axie Infinity has been a massive success since its launch in 2018, and its momentum has steadily increased throughout 2021. More than $2 billion in NFTs was traded on Axie Infinity. Among the currencies currently being collected for typhoon victims is SLP.

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