Zynga and Chartboost launch Chartboost Mediation for Helium

The platform provides mobile app developers with an easy-to-use solution for increasing revenue.

Zynga and its subsidiary Chartboost, a leading mobile programmatic advertising and monetization platform, have announced Chartboost Mediation. The duo identified it as the next iteration and most significant expansion of the company’s Helium platform.

Alongside its full suite of products, Chartboost Mediation makes Chartboost an all-in-one, comprehensive solution for mobile app developers and publishers. Chartboost Mediation is currently being implemented across Zynga’s vast portfolio of games and Take-Two mobile titles.

The company detailed Chartboost Mediation’s features, which include access to industry-leading demand sources, new ad format support, and better program management. Additionally, developers can access Chartboost’s customer service to help with campaign performance and troubleshooting.

Rich Izzo, CEO of Chartboost, commented:

“Chartboost Mediation’s new offerings mark a significant milestone toward our goal of helping mobile app developers grow a successful business built for a global audience. We believe giving developers more control of the monetization process strengthens their ability to focus on creating world-class games and entertaining experiences to engage their audiences.”

Since 2019, Chartboost has partnered with mobile app developers and publishers to grow and scale their monetization through a transparent, unified auction and access to premier demand sources. Developers are given the rare opportunity to fully control the mediation process, from testing to fraud prevention, which allows real-time optimizations to maximize fill rates and revenue.

Chartboost Mediation is trusted by some of the largest mobile app developers and publishers because of its ability to handle a wide range of use cases or ad volume needed, all while maintaining a privacy-centric user experience.

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