Zynga and Forte announce a partnership to drive rapid development in blockchain gaming

The partnership allows integration of new blockchain technologies, scalable in-game player economies in fast-evolving blockchain games market.
Zynga Forte partnership
Zynga and Forte have announced their partnership.

Zynga and Forte announced they have formed a strategic alliance to promote and pursue the exciting opportunities in the blockchain games market, including leveraging Zynga’s intellectual property, brand and community to develop blockchain games that are fun and enduring.

The games industry today is the largest form of entertainment globally—larger than film and music combined—entertaining nearly 3 billion players and generating over $180 billion in annual revenue. Zynga and Forte believe that the evolution of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is creating new economic and creative opportunities for game developers, their partners and players.

Matt Wolf, Vice President of Blockchain Gaming at Zynga said:

“Our goal is to bring a new level of quality and fun into Web 3 and blockchain games, while also providing a safe and trusted ecosystem that will keep our valued players and communities entertained for years to come. We’re excited to partner with Forte because of the team’s long‐term vision and approach to blockchain solutions and Web 3 development.”

Forte Co-Founder and CEO Josh Williams added:

“We are proud to partner with Zynga as we look to advance the blockchain gaming ecosystem in a responsible way that will engage and benefit gamers, and provide them more economic opportunities. We have built the Forte platform with best-in-class interoperability mechanics and compliance measures in our continuing efforts to bring safety, stability and trust to both developers and players. Zynga is a renowned leader within mobile games; we are honored to be a part of this partnership to further our goal of promoting and creating a transformative experience where players can unlock and capture new forms of value and property rights within the games they enjoy.”

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