Zynga hires Matt Wolf as the vice president of blockchain games

Zynga announced that it is embracing NFTs with the hiring of Matt Wolf as vice president of blockchain games.
Zynga Matt Wolf NFT
Zynga welcomes NFT games.

With its new hire, Zynga is taking steps to consolidate its place in the NFT gaming world. Matt Wolf has been appointed as the Vice President of Blockchain Games, according to the official statement by Zynga. Matt Wolf will be responsible for integrating NFT systems into the company’s existing games and making new NFT games on the core loop.

Matt Wolf holds the title of being the company’s first vice president of NFT. Zynga CPO Scott Koenigsberg said:

“With blockchain having a greater prominence in the digital economy, Wolf will help Zynga reach a new addressable market through NFTs, and legitimize new ownership possibilities for gamers on our platforms. We are excited about the benefits that NFTs and blockchain technology can bring to our existing titles, new game pipeline and the future of gaming.”

Before joining Zynga, Matt Wolf founded the D20 media agency and served as vice president of partnerships and entertainment products at Coca-Cola. However, the name who previously worked in companies such as EA and Sega in the 1990s is not inexperienced in the game industry. Wolf stated that they would give Zynga’s technology a secure, inclusive, and environmentally friendly identity.

Wolf made the following statements on the subject:

“Zynga’s mission to connect the world through games makes NFTs and blockchain technology a natural next step in its evolution. Web3 token-based systems will allow us to innovate and deliver new forms of player value in our games, while also transforming how players interact with each other.”

NFT gaming and blockchain technology news, which has been coming one after another, has also attracted the attention of big players like Zynga. Increasing interest and investment in NFT games in the industry has attracted the attention of many more important actors. The concept of a “decentralized and player-oriented economy” may cause a blockchain game to come from Zynga in the coming days.

The new steps that the company will take in the sector, which has recently launched FarmVille 3 worldwide, arouses curiosity.

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