5 Tips for Best Practice CTA

Here are some tips to improve the clickability of CTA buttons!
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CrazyLabs shared important advice about CTA buttons.

What are the essentials of the CTA (call-to-action) buttons you place in your game? How can you best place these buttons? Erez Sağır, Marketing Creative Lead of CrazyLabs, one of the world’s leading mobile game publishers, shared important tips about CTA buttons.

#5 Animation

Adding a special effect to your CTA button will make it more clickable and interesting. This effect doesn’t have to be too garish, a light touch, even a shimmer will suffice. Considering the small effects is very important to make your CTA buttons more attractive and intriguing. However, there’s one thing you need to be careful about: don’t overdo it. If you overdo it with the effect you use, you can disturb the player or even drive them away from the game.

#4 Microcopy

By using microcopy on the CTA button you can show the player what happens when they use the button. With micro-copying, you can activate the player faster and enable them to interact with the button. For this method to work most effectively, you should keep the number of words you use in the button as low as possible but concise. A few keywords to use are much more effective than a long sentence. At this point, you should try to approach the language of the players. Creative keywords that players know and use themselves will also work.

#3 Right Positioning

There are some button positions that almost everyone is used to. For example, when we see an ad or form, we look for its CTA button at the very bottom. The positioning of a CTA button in a game is highly dependent on the position of other visual elements and is, therefore, an important issue to consider. Since the CTA button is the most valuable element of the game, you should put it in a noticeable area as much as possible. In addition, the CTA button should be located some distance from the neighboring buttons, so you emphasize that it is different and more intriguing.

#2 Make It Bigger

The first task of CTA buttons is to attract players. For this reason, you should place it on the screen in a very well thought-out way. Big buttons are remarkable in the mobile game industry, and they are very popular. At the same time, it is a fact that they are clicked more than smaller buttons. An intriguing CTA button will often be large enough to be seen easily, but should not disrupt the layout and hierarchy of the overall template.

#1 Clickable Buttons

If you’re playing a game or watching an ad, you want to know which button is clickable. That’s why you need to specify that your interactive elements are clickable with three-dimensional effects, light gradient edits, and some shading. If a three-dimensional effect doesn’t suit your style, you can use rounded buttons to show that your CTA button is clickable.

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