A prize of 600 thousand dollars was given to the Alictus team

Alictus adopts the goal-oriented prize pool model.
alictus hyper casual studio
A prize of 600 thousand dollars was distributed to the Alictus team, which successfully achieved its goal.

Hyper-casual game developer and publisher Alictus distributed a prize of 600 thousand dollars to its entire team after its team, which grew from 15 to 30 people, successfully achieved the goal set 12 months ago.

Alictus Ankara METU Technopolis
The headquarters of Alictus is located in METU Technopolis.

Alictus, a Turkish startup headquartered in Ankara METU Technopolis, has doubled its turnover every year for the last two years and anticipates a much stronger growth for 2021. The company has 4 games that ranked number one in the list of the most downloaded games on iOS in America in the last 1 year. The company, which was selected as Endeavor Initiative at the beginning of this year, was also among the 6 initiatives selected from Turkey for the Endeavor Outliers program. The Outliers Program is a leadership program that accepts the most prominent founders by looking at growth, investment, and exit figures among nearly 2000 Endeavor Entrepreneurs all over the world.

Emre Taş: “We celebrate a true team spirit”

According to the company, which has adopted a completely remote working priority model with the pandemic process and has teams in 2 countries and 7 cities, each Alictus member has at least doubled their annual salary with the ‘target-oriented prize pool‘ model they have introduced.

Evaluating the issue, Alictus CEO and Co-Founder Emre Taş made the following comments:

“At Alictus, we believe that regardless of what function our teammates work in, whether they are in game development processes, technology production, or administrative processes, we believe that success should get a share of the reward. With this step, we celebrate the spirit of a ‘real team’ acting in line with a common goal.”

Emre Taş (CEO and Co-Founder), and Ecem Baran (COO and Co-Founder)
Emre Taş (CEO and Co-Founder), and Ecem Baran (COO and Co-Founder)

At the same time, Alictus Co-Founder and COO Ecem Baran states that they aim to be a global company with a high influence and that stands out with its positive contributions to the ecosystem, and shares the impact they want to create with the following sentences:

“At Alictus, we work to create new norms with the games we have developed, big data-driven technologies, and our unique culture. Today, we share the first result of implementing an unusual salary policy with our lean and extraordinary team of 30 people. We hope that we will start to hear the news that many more companies in Turkey are taking similar actions.”

Alictus will continue to grow with brand new games

Emre Taş and Ecem Baran, the founders of Alictus, who develop and publish their own games entirely, predict that the growth rate of the company will continue to increase in the coming period and are working to at least double its team of 30 people. Emre Taş explained Alictus’ plans for the next 12 months as follows:

“In the last 6 months, we have had 3 games that ranked number one on the list of most downloaded games on iOS in America. This performance places Alictus in the top positions among global hyper-casual game manufacturers. Turkey hosts very talented and high-potential people in game production. We believe that the Alictus culture, where creative freedom is at the center, provides a unique opportunity for talented people to unlock their potential. In the next 12 months, we will bring together more talents working in the field of games and technology in Turkey under the roof of Alictus, we will continue to grow with new games and we will celebrate our successes together.”

Emre Taş mentions that Alictus will not only have hyper-casual games in its future, emphasizing that the technologies and game production capabilities they have developed so far have also prepared a strong ground for game genres outside of the hyper-casual business model. The company, which has a strong flagship with its hyper-casual activity, will focus on different game genres and related technologies as it continues to grow in this field.

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