Aegean Ventures plans to invest in early-stage game startups

Aegean Ventures’ greatest desire is to take part in the success story of Turkish startups that will join the new unicorn companies.
aegean ventures
Aegean Ventures aims to invest in innovative and technology-oriented startups.

Aegean Ventures aims to invest in innovative, high-potential, early-stage startups with technological infrastructure. Established in Izmir with 20 founding partners who are experts in different fields and industries, Aegean Ventures will bring a new vision with its experienced staff and strategic network support.

Currently, apart from investment; Aegean Ventures, which will provide technical consultancy and network support with its strategic consultancy, incubation center, infrastructure support, and experienced expert founding partners in software, will provide support in all matters that startups and entrepreneurs may need.

Planning to invest in 10 early-stage startups that can contribute to its goals of opening to global markets, Aegean states that it will prioritize e-commerce, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Fintech, Healthtech, and game industries in the first place.

Aegean Ventures Chairman of the Board Gürkan Üstünkar, stating that he finds the recent success stories from Turkey quite striking and exciting as a former entrepreneur, stated that he expects this trend and thus the total investment in early-stage startups to increase exponentially. Gürkan Üstünkar added the following sentences:

“Our biggest desire is to take part in the success story of Turkish startups that will join the new unicorn companies in the coming years. Our most important short-term goal is to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a wide range from mentoring, support for techno-startups with the potential to expand abroad, to early-stage investment and strategic consultancy, and to double the number of our active portfolio companies every year, through our close collaborations with universities.”

Aegean Ventures aims to breathe new life into the entrepreneurship ecosystem with the consultancy and network supports it offers and to become one of the important players in the ecosystem within 5 years.

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