An unconventional RTS game from Misclick Games: Mass Conflict Ignition

Founded in November 2022 and bringing a fresh approach to the world of game development, Misclick Games develops authentic real-time strategy (RTS) games for PCs and consoles. The company aims to build its mark in the game industry and provide an innovative experience for gamers.

The company’s first game project, Mass Conflict: Ignition, inspired by the famous Command & Conquer series, is getting ready to thrill all strategy enthusiasts. The first demo of the game, which was created in just six months, has already drawn attention with its optimization and refinement.

Command & Conquer is a series that laid the foundations of the RTS genre and subsequently boosted the popularity of strategy games. This shows that there is still a strong demand for the strategy genre, and players are looking for innovative and high-caliber content in the genre. All these reasons have raised expectations for Misclick Games‘ Mass Conflict: Ignition project.

“From RTS fans to RTS fans”

The team, led by founders Uğur Sarı and Ahmet Erbaş, continues to work to fulfill this demand with years of experience and passion. The founders, who have degrees in Command & Conquer and StarCraft tournaments, have established the company on a solid foundation with their significant success in the game industry and their deep interest in the RTS genre.

Misclick Games aims to meet the high expectations of long-time RTS gamers and provide a breathtaking experience that will give a fresh perspective to the genre with its “From RTS fans to RTS fans” approach. First of all, the game will support user-generated content (UGC). The producers state that they don’t want to have a static strategy game experience but rather aim to create a dynamic one so that players can build their own meta in a rock-paper-scissors structure. They also state that they attach great importance to feedback from the players and that they keep the development of a highly collaborative game among the company’s priorities. Mass Conflict: Ignition‘s other standout aspect is the use of voice command capability within the game.

The company also aims to carry Türkiye’s success in the mobile game industry to the field of computer games, to follow global developments in the industry closely, and to shape its projects with an innovative perspective.

Developed for PC and consoles with the contributions of experienced names, including Berat Oğuz and Gökçe Oğuz, owners of Fabrika Games and Playable Factory, as the first investors, “Mass Conflict: Ignition” represents the first steps of the Misclick Games team in the RTS world and has already managed to heighten the expectations.

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