Aonic acquires global ad-tech company exmox for nearly $100 million

The Hamburg-based company aims to build the future of mobile entertainment.
AONIC and exmox logos

Video gaming group Aonic acquired the Hamburg-based advertisement technology and marketing company exmox for approximately $100 million. Aonic Group recently invested in AddApptr for $60 million and VR game developer NDreams for $35 million.

The gaming group’s main focus is to help small to medium-sized studios with high potential to scale and the company found what it’s looking for in exmox. The Germany-based ad-tech and marketing platform was founded back in 2015 by Alper Eger, and the company now reaches more than 250 million users per month across 180 countries.

Caglar Eger (brother of Alper Eger) joined the gaming entity in January 2022 as the CEO and led the merger with in the following month. The company saw a “super-charged” growth as the official release puts it, and it’s expected to reach 400% growth before the year is wrapped. Caglar Eger also led the acquisition of during this short period.

Paul Schempp and Olliver Heins, co-founders of Aonic shared a joint statement about the acquisition:

“exmox possesses an expert level of knowledge and has a unique marketing platform which will substantially strengthen the future growth of Aonic within the ad-tech space and beyond. We are extremely excited they join us and look forward to supporting them in unlocking their full potential.”

Alper Eger, Founder and COO of exmox also commented:

“As the Founder of exmox every decision you make is important and measured by potential impact, hence Aonic is the perfect partner to have.

“We are able to further cultivate our base and move forward with RnD as well as growth on a scale we’ve never had on the horizon before. I am pleased to see where we are able to take this next.”

Caglar Eger, CEO of exmox added:

“Our continued growth is due to our team’s steadfast dedication to creating and implementing best-in-class marketing offerings that successfully help our partners expand their businesses.”

Both companies expect this new partnership to be fruitful and boost the growth rate immensely.

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