AppQuantum announces Core is the King! program for hybrid-casual mobile games

AppQuantum is seeking synergy where developers bring their expertise in creating cost-effective art and addictive gameplay, and the publisher, on its part, will share knowledge in the live ops, help with monetization, and fully take on user acquisition.

Cyprus-based mobile free-to-play game publisher AppQuantum has introduced the Core is the King! program for hyper- and hybrid-casual mobile game developers, providing potential financial support up to $1 million.

AppQuantum’s Core is the King! program is designed to assist studios in their venture into the hybrid-casual niche. This includes providing opportunities to transition a game from the hyper-casual category.

To achieve this goal, the program focuses on several key areas. It aims to expand the project’s user acquisition potential and integrate features from the casual genre. Additionally, it seeks to attract a paying audience distinct from the hyper-casual niche. Moreover, the program prioritizes the continuous development of a single project over the production of numerous prototypes.

This program is designed for teams that have:

  • Experience with hyper-casual and/or hybrid-casual games
  • Projects with promising CPI and Retention Rate metrics
  • A track record of released projects
  • An established team
  • Proficiency in the low-poly art style
  • A passion for creating groundbreaking games

AppQuantum will assist in turning a project’s nice short-term retention into a great long-term one and uplift the players’ LTV by offering development guidance, complimentary testing, and management of creatives. 

For the most promising studios with projects demonstrating the best metrics and potential, the publisher is ready to provide financial support, which includes:

  • Up to $250,000 Minimum guarantee for signing the contract
  • Up to $250,000 Payment for the fulfillment of jointly agreed KPI
  • Up to $500,000 Investment in the next project

“More than two decades ago, casual games provided an accessible niche for small, inexperienced teams. 5-7 years ago, hyper-casual games rose on mobile platforms, offering an even lower entry barrier. However, with today’s oversaturated market, transitioning from concept to hit has become challenging, and costs and development times have surged. We’ve designed this program for teams opting for the first approach,” says Taras Koshelev, Program Owner and Publishing Producer at AppQuantum.

The application form for participation and more info about the Core is the King! program is available on AppQuantum’s website.

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