Brain Jar Games has secured $6.7 million in seed round

Brain Jar Games has secured $6.7 million in funding for its debut title, Dead as Disco.
Brain Jar Games has secured $6.7 million in seed round

The Seed round was co-led by Transcend and Menlo Ventures, with participation from 1UP Ventures. Brain Jar Games, spearheaded by MMORPG veteran Will Cook, aims to create bold and vibrant games that resonate with players and encourage sharing among friends and communities.

The studio boasts an impressive lineup of industry leaders and former executives from gaming, music, and influencer sectors, including Harmonix, Oculus, Sony, Blizzard, Riot, Trion Worlds, Interscope, Universal Music Group, Creative Arts Agency, CohhCarnage, and Sacriel, among others.

Dead as Disco, Brain Jar Games’ inaugural game, is a rhythm-based brawler that defies genre boundaries. Led by Will Cook and his team, which includes Rohan Knuckey, Krys Kozlowski, Kaitlyn Kincaid, and Marcin Deja, Brain Jar Games brings together seasoned game developers with extensive experience in creating new IPs and award-winning franchises like RIFT, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Call of Duty.

The game’s innovative approach to blending music, memes, and gameplay aims to capture the attention of a global audience, leveraging social media algorithms to drive engagement and virality. With a planned staged launch in 24 months, Brain Jar Games is poised to impact the gaming market significantly.

Transcend’s investment in Brain Jar Games underscores its commitment to supporting boundary-pushing ventures in digital entertainment, aligning with the studio’s vision of delivering captivating experiences to a diverse audienc

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