Brawl Stars Legendary Characters and What Are Their Features?

Brawl Stars Legendary Characters are one of the most preferred character classes. Today, we will clarify questions such as how many legendary characters are there, what are these characters and their characteristics.

What is Legendary Class?

Brawl Stars Legendary Characters class is one of 6 different classes in Brawl Stars. It ranks 6th according to the difficulty of obtaining it. In other words, the hardest to obtain characters are in this class. Other classes are Rare Characters, Beginner class characters, Super Rare class characters, Epic class characters, Mythic class characters, Legendary class characters. The order is as follows:

  • Beginner class
  • Rare class
  • Super Rare class
  • Epic class
  • Mythic class
  • Legendary class

There are 4 different characters in the Legendary Characters class. These are Spike, Crow. Leon and Sandy.

  • Spike
  • Crow
  • Leon
  • Sandy

1) Spike


Our first character from the Brawl Stars Legendary Characters is Spike. Spike is good at fighting multiple opponents at the same time. Our character’s health is lower than the others. Its weapon is its thorns. In his main attack, he throws 6 thorns at enemies around him, damaging his opponent. With its special power, it throws a barbed grenade into the area where it is used and damages its opponents. A level 10 Spike has 3360 health. In his main attack, he deals 672 damage per enemy hit.

2) Crow

Image of Crow character

The Crow character uses the throwing dagger in his hand. These daggers are poisonous. Crow can move while using his special power. A level 10 Crow has 3360 health. When he uses his special power, he leaps and throws 14 daggers as he rises and 14 daggers while descending, damaging the opponent. Its main attack damage is 448 dagger poison and 112 damage.

3) Leon


The biggest feature that between Brawl Stars Leon and other characters is that he becomes invisible for a short time while using his special power. Fights more effectively at close range. Throws rotating blades at opponents in his main attack. When he uses his special power, he launches a smoke grenade and becomes invisible for 6 seconds. A level 10 Leon has 4480 health. Deals 616 damage to each enemy hit in his main attack.

4) Sandy

Sandy from legendary characters

Our Brawl Stars Sandy character deals damage to opponents by throwing piercing pebbles. Another feature of his main attack is that it pierces the enemies it hits and hits the enemies behind him. When he uses his special power, he throws his star ball and creates a sandstorm. This storm renders our teammates and character invisible for 9 seconds. level Sandy has 5320 health. Its main attack deals 1260 damage.

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