Clean the Sea! has set sail on Steam

Developed by Backpack Games, the game allows players to clean the seas and tackle environmental challenges.
clean the sea! title image

Clean the Sea! was developed by Backpack Games and debuted on Steam. A popular environmental adventure game on mobile platforms, Clean the Sea! opens the doors to a cleaner and brighter future for players.

In Clean the Sea!, players take the helm of a lone ship in a serene yet polluted virtual ocean, facing various environmental challenges. The game has a simple and meaningful goal: to collect debris, save marine life, and observe the ripple effect of positive change by eliminating every piece of trash.

Starting with a modest boat, players gather resources from wrecks to build a growing fleet ready to combat the escalating threat of ocean pollution. With each upgrade, the player’s reach and efficiency expand, transforming the efforts of a single ship into a global movement.

Clean the Sea! offers a meditative yet engaging experience that simulates the recycling process. This experience entertains and educates players on waste management and recycling topics.

As players journey from the icy waters of Antarctica to the iconic canals of Amsterdam, they will witness the direct consequences of their actions. Once murky and polluted, the waters teem with marine life and colors, showcasing the game’s dynamic environmental effects.

Clean the Sea! is Steam. Take the helm in this engaging and poignant exploration of one of our time’s most pressing issues and become an agent of change.

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