Combine game mechanics and win cash prizes

Supersonic’s Follow the Formula contest is giving away cash prizes for game developers who follow its formulas (specific combinations of mechanics and genres that can help you maximize LTV). Supersonic is even providing insights and details into how to develop winning titles that combine genres and mechanics most effectively.
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While integrating the right mechanics and genres can already drive higher LTV for your games, employing trending themes alongside these combinations, developers can create formula games that exhibit higher profitability and in-game engagement. A comprehensive list of formula combos has been provided to facilitate development.

While contestants can win prizes for submitting any type of game during the contest time period, participants can earn even more substantial rewards at every step of publishing by incorporating specific combinations of mechanics and genres into their prototypes. During the initial testing phase, developers can earn $200 for each prototype and $500 for each prototype incorporating the recommended mechanic/genre combos. Moving onto the iteration stage, games can win $2,000 per month for each game that moves onto iterations plus a one-time bonus of $10,000 for each eligible game following our formulas. Furthermore, all games published due to the promotion are guaranteed a minimum payout of $200,000.

Supersonic shares the combos to winning formulas to assist the developers who intend to join the contest. There are also detailed insights about the formulas used by existing games. Tall Man Run, for example, secured the top spot on both app stores by incorporating three captivating elements, maintaining its position in the top 50 for over two years. Traffic Jam Fever achieved profitability by introducing a meaningful secondary mechanic to an idle clicker concept. Merge Miners optimized profit and LTV by integrating a merge mechanic and hybrid monetization into a classic puzzle game.

It’s important to note that participants can only test up to five games throughout the contest, emphasizing the need to select and test concepts wisely. For those eager to unlock the winning formula, submission of games begins on July 3, 2023 and concludes on August 3, 2023. Developers are encouraged to explore the provided formulas and submit their games within the given timeframe to secure substantial cash prizes.

The game must have fewer than 10,000 downloads and should not have been previously tested with Supersonic to qualify for the contest. Each developer is allowed a maximum of five game tests. Both Android and iOS games are eligible for participation. Prizes will be awarded exclusively to games submitted between July 3 and August 3, 2023. All tests must be live by August 17 to be considered.Terms and conditions apply. 

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