CrazyGames celebrates 10th anniversary with the launch of CrazyGames Originals

Since its launch ten years ago, CrazyGames has grown exponentially and consistently remains one of the world’s most popular free browser game platforms, especially in English-speaking markets such as the US, UK, and Australia.

In celebration of its tenth anniversary, browser game platform CrazyGames has announced the launch of CrazyGames Originals, a dynamic and diverse label featuring hardened military shootouts, cute and silly battle royale bouts, zooming head-to-head road relays, and more.

The launch of CrazyGames Originals marks the latest in a series of accomplishments the platform has seen this year, including the release of globally renowned multiplayer title Trivia Crack on the website, a partnership with British game developer and publisher Kwalee, and a partnership with game distributor Xsolla, among others. CrazyGames’ newest partners join an esteemed roster of top-tier publishers already on the platform, such as BoomBit, Voodoo, Homa, SayGames, YSO Corp, and Matchingham Games.

“For a decade, CrazyGames has consistently championed small and solo game makers by allowing their innovations to reach audiences beyond native platforms. That’s why every new game on CrazyGames gets 48 guaranteed hours on the homepage. Per-install fees run counter to our mission to create the best browser game nexus imaginable for developers to create and for players to enjoy,” states Rafael Morgan, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at CrazyGames.

With over 25 million monthly players worldwide, CrazyGames empowers its network of over 1000 developers to reach new audiences through browser games while providing access to valuable data insights and monetization strategies.

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