The 3rd term of the hyper-casual game accelerator center CrazyHubs Istanbul has been announced!

The registration for the 3rd term of CrazyHubs Istanbul, in partnership with CrazyLabs, has started!
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3rd term of the CrazyHubs Istanbul registration has started!

Registrations are open for the 3rd term of the gaming accelerator in Istanbul. The program for hyper-casual game studios aims to develop hit games in partnership with CrazyLabs. The hub will start on June 6, 2022.

The goal is for all studios to start developing hit games and publish these games on a global scale, with the expertise of CrazyLabs and a common ecosystem created by partner studios. CrazyHubs Istanbul has seen 18 studios graduate so far.

Opportunities and details of CrazyHubs Istanbul

In CrazyHubs Istanbul’s 4-month physical program, the secrets of how to be successful in the hyper-casual playground are shared with the training and mentorship given to the studios. In the first two months of CrazyHub, the necessary environment is created for studios to develop prototypes that will show potential in CPI tests.

In the 3rd and 4th months, with the mentoring support of CrazyLabs experts, these prototypes are transformed into games that millions would like to play, and successful games are published globally.

Crazy Labs has 6 different accelerator centers around the world.

Five of the hyper-casual games developed in CrazyHubs accelerator centers opened in different countries so far have been published by CrazyLabs. Epic Hero Weapon Craft Masters was a game developed during CrazyHubs Istanbul. Frozen Honey ASMR, which ranked high in the Top Chart last month, was developed by a studio that participated in CrazyHub Tel Aviv.

CrazyLabs provides financial support to the studios accepted to CrazyHubs Istanbul, in addition to the extensive training it offers.

In addition to the monthly allowance of $1,000 per team member during the 4-month program, the studios selected for CrazyHubs Istanbul will be offered a professional publishing contract, which will allow studios to earn up to 1.5 million TL per year, depending on their success level, after graduating from the program.

In addition, participating studios are provided with an office environment at Kolektif House Levent, and a “Kolektif House” membership is provided.

Participant Game Studios in the 2nd Term of CrazyHub Istanbul and CrazyLabs Turkey Lead Onur Uça

How can you join CrazyHubs Istanbul?

Candidates over the age of 18 who have completed their education (or team members of the studios) can apply to CrazyHub Istanbul by sharing their previously developed hyper-casual game portfolios and App Store / Play Store account links.

Studio team members must have at least one Unity Developer, not exceeding two people, but at least one person must have a conversational level of English. In addition, physical participation in the CrazyHubs Istanbul program, which will last for four months, is mandatory, and the program schedule can be extended for one more month, according to the studios’ request, when the necessary conditions are met.

It is also possible to apply to the program for solo Unity Developers, 3D Artists, or Game Designers who are not affiliated with a studio. Candidates are allowed to form a new team with other individual candidates if selected.

For CrazyHubs Istanbul 2nd Term application, simply click the button and fill out the registration form:

After 3rd term of CrazyHubs Istanbul applications started, CrazyLabs Turkey Lead Onur Uça said:

“With the 3rd Term of CrazyHub Istanbul, which will open in June, we will be entering the second year of our activities in Turkey as CrazyLabs. When we look at the last year, we graduated 18 professional studios from our CrazyHub Istanbul accelerator center and continued our work with these studios, and again, together with our Publishing department, we published two games from Turkey in 2021 by working with Turkish game studios. Our goal will be to bring even more successful games to the players with the strong partner studios in Turkey and 3rd Term CrazyHub Istanbul studios.”

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