CrazyLabs’ Phone Case DIY reaches 200 million downloads

The phone case maker game reached another milestone.
A finger with painted nail is coloring a mobile phone case

Popular hyper-casual game Phone Case DIY crossed another milestone, reaching over 200 million downloads since it was released. The news comes directly from Israeli publisher CrazyLabs. Phone Case DIY was developed by Crikey, a Sydney-based mobile game studio.

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The mobile game was launched way back in September 2020 and according to numbers coming from CrazyLabs, the hyper-casual title is still kicking strong. The Israeli publisher even went on to say “We’re super proud that this game is still one of the most played games from our portfolio!”, underlining the continuing success of the phone case-making title.

The Israeli gaming entity is one of the largest mobile game publishers worldwide and it reached 5 billion total downloads earlier this year. In 2021, CrazyLabs generated 1.2 billion downloads and had over 200 million unique users per month, but with hyper-casual growth taking big hits gradually since Apple’s privacy changes (and Google’s ad policy changes on top of that) the publisher may not be able to reach similar numbers this year. Having said all that, CrazyLabs seems to be doing quite well despite all the hiccups along the way.

Phone Case DIY is available on both Android and Apple devices.

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