Devolver Digital acquires Astroneer producer System Era Softworks

Devolver Digital, which has built a dedicated fan base with its small, quality games, will make a new acquisition worth $40 million, of which $22 million will come in the initial phase.

Seeing the Devolver Digital logo on a game’s label is a significant positive point in itself these days. Devolver Digital has been successfully bridging the gap between the big names and indie studios for many years now, and they’ve been supporting many talented studios and high-potential projects that wouldn’t be able to meet gamers on their own.

The latest addition to Devolver Digital’s developer portfolio is System Era Softworks, founded in 2014 and achieved great success with its game Astroneer. Released in 2016, the game has so far received 92% positive reviews from Steam users and has generated more than $87 million in revenue so far. Considering that the total number of reviews is close to 100,000, this figure is quite impressive. In addition, seven years after its release and despite being a single-player game, it still manages to gather around 2000 people on Steam momentarily; in short, it is an appreciated game.

Douglas Morin, CEO of Devolver Digital, said in a statement.;

“The thing that excites me the most about System Era is the cultural and strategic fit with Devolver. This is a highly experienced, talented group of developers who come with a proven hit, Astroneer, in its eighth year. Their know-how in Expandable Games development opens up a new player base and revenue stream for Devolver. We are looking forward to bringing the fun to new players in new, innovative ways – and above all, welcoming the team to Devolver in the coming days and months.

Brendan Wilson, CEO of System Era, said in a statement,

“Devolver and System Era have been mutual admirers for a long time. We’ve always seen Devolver’s banner as a mark of quality, but they also represent an approach to developing and publishing games that are unique in the industry. Their developer-first orientation lets bold and unorthodox ideas thrive. We’re thrilled to be joining a confederation of like-minded people where System Era’s games will get the support needed to reach global audiences, and our developers will continue to work within the culture they love.”

We’ll probably see the effects of Devolver’s acquisitions in about two years when System Era Softworks’ next game is announced. From that point on, the company will continue under the leadership of Devolver Digital.

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