EA Games is reportedly developing a Marvel’s Black Panther game

According to Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb, Marvel’s Black Panther game is in development.
Black Panther standing tall and looking left

The video game publisher EA (Electronic Arts) is reportedly working on a brand new Black Panther video game, one of the most iconic Marvel Comics heroes. There have been multiple rumors surrounding the superhero getting his very own game, but nothing solid surfaced till now.

The latest report about Marvel’s Black Panther comes from Jeff Grubb, a reliable video games journalist from Giant Bomb. According to Jeff, EA Games is the publisher behind the project. Grubb says the project is helmed by former Monolith Productions veterans, who most recently worked on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and the sequel Shadow of War games.

The journalist said the new Black Panther game will be a single-player open-world story and will have some ties with the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Having said that, to what extent these two projects will have things in common is a mystery.

The game is in the early stages of development hence there’s not much else to report about it. EA’s approach to single-player games has been a little hit or miss in the last decade, with multiple half-baked titles failing on the market, and on the other hand hits like Respawn’s Jedi Fallen Order exist with a sequel on the way.

EA has been heavily invested in its multiplayer titles, and it comes as no surprise considering how FIFA Ultimate Team alone generates nearly 30% of the company’s yearly revenue. The publishing giant is investing big in the mobile games market as well, in fact, the company is developing a new The Lord of the Rings mobile game.

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