There will be a flurry of cash prizes in Supersonic’s SuperWinter event

Mobile game publisher Supersonic is offering cash bonuses for every approved game prototype tested on the Supersonic platform during its SuperWinter promotion.
animation character of superwinter event with the title "get 200$ for every game tested".

Supersonic from Unity is an industry-leading mobile game publishing solution that provides game developers with the infrastructure and know-how to create, launch, and scale their games. As part of the Unity suite of solutions, Supersonic helps game developers turn their games into scalable and sustainable businesses by taking a transparent approach to publishing and empowering developers with powerful technology and access to metrics. Supersonic has published dozens of top mobile games, and for two consecutive years – 2021 and 2022 – Bridge Race was the most downloaded hyper-casual game worldwide, according to

There are many cash prizes for SuperWinter, including $200 for any approved prototype tested on the Supersonic platform. Other prizes include a $100,000 minimum guarantee when the game gets published and $10,000 if the game gets a marketability score of 4+. There are other prizes for meeting CPI and retention benchmarks. There is also a chance to get paid per prototype after SuperWinter ends.

SuperWinter begins on 1 March 2023, with the submission deadline being 31 March 2023. The testing period of the games ends on 20 April 2023. Developers can participate through the submission page here.

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