Finnish game studio Order of Meta raises $1.5 million

Order of Meta, led by former Panzerdog founders, has raised $1.5 million from its investment round.
Order of Meta game company
The Order of Meta team.

Founded last year, Helsinki-based game studio Order of Meta has closed its investment tour led by Play Ventures with an investment of $1.5 million. The company will use this investment to improve its mobile shooter game.

The investment tour, managed by Play Ventures, included important names such as Initial Capital and Unity co-founder David Helgason. Order of Meta, in a statement after the investment, stated that it aims to find new ways to combine familiar action genres with new metagames, starting with the shooter genre. In addition, the studio also signaled that the beta version of its first game will come in 2022.

Order of Meta was founded by former Panzerdog founders Alexey Sazonov and Sergey Kozyakov. Panzerdog is a mobile game company founded in 2016 and has come to the fore with the game Tacticool, which was released under the leadership of two founders. The studio was later acquired by Russia’s in 2019.

After the investment round, Alexey Sazonov used the following sentences in his comments:

“Helsinki is undoubtedly the No. 1 location for making games in Europe and allows us to attract and hire world-class engineering and development talents both from Finland and Eastern Europe. We’re establishing a new order – from how we build our gaming teams to the metagame.”

Play Ventures co-founder Harri Manninen said the following:

“We were impressed by the team’s experience and ability as second-time founders, and we are very excited about their vision to create a new type of long-term metagame experience by combining the best elements of both shooter and RPG/MMO genre metagame design.”

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