Flexion strengthens management in preparation for expansion

Flexion has rearranged its top management to fill the positions in newly formed departments and prepare for its expansion plans.

After filling the position of the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, Victor Horbach has been promoted to General Manager of the Distribution Unit of the company. Toby Heap was hired as the Head of Commercial Services to support the growth of the newly formed Distribution Unit. Adrian Kotowski, the former CEO and Founder of Audiencly, which Flexion previously acquired, has been appointed as General Manager of Influencer Marketing services.

Victor Horbach successfully built new revenue and audiences for game developer clients of Flexion, including Wargaming, FunPlus, and Top Games. During his tenure, the company has managed to increase its annual revenue from alternative app store distributions 30 times compared to 2018.

The new role involves overseeing the company’s marketing, product, commercial, and delivery service teams while sustaining the company’s scalable growth. Horbach will manage a staff of 85, and according to the company’s management structure, Victor Horbach will report to the CEO, Jens Lauritzson, as General Manager of the Distribution Unit.

During his time in Audiencly, Adrian Kotowski enabled major brands to access a network of 6000 influencers worldwide. Managing a team of 35 in Flexion, Katowski will direct and oversee the performance of influencer campaigns for Flexion’s and Audiencly’s customers.

As the former Principal Business Growth Manager at Huawei, Toby Heap has experience working with Flexion. Reporting to Victor Horbach, Heap will build the developer’s revenue and audiences in the alternative app stores through user acquisition, channel relations, and performance marketing.

Jens Lauritzson, CEO of Flexion said: 

“We’re delighted to welcome Victor, Adrian and Toby into their new roles and are grateful to have maintained and attracted people with their talents. Their experience and skills will help us drive developer’s revenue to new levels while Flexion continues its expansion into new areas of game marketing.”

Flexion offers influencer marketing services to game-developing companies and focuses on increasing revenue, especially in alternative app stores like Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi GetApps, and ONE. In 2022 The company acquired another significant influencer agency, Audiencly. Considering Flexion’s business model and the characteristics of the rearrangements, the company appears determined to maintain its growth and even further it.

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