Skate’s The Board Room Episode 4 provides insights to the game’s development

In the fourth and final episode of The Board Room, the official series of Skate, the developers provide a glimpse into the development processes of the game, their principles of approach to skateboarding, and how they strive to find a balance that will satisfy both new and experienced players while maintaining the reality of the motions.
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Skate., a free-to-play title, was unveiled in 2020 and is the debut project from Full Circle, a Vancouver-based EA studio. The game will facilitate cross-play and cross-progression across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, underscoring its commitment to fostering a cohesive and interconnected skateboarding community.

In the latest installment of The Board Room, Skate.’s official series, developer Full Circle provides insights into the eagerly awaited skateboarding game’s upcoming features. The episode sheds light on new tricks under development and offers a glimpse of the game’s primary location, San Vansterdam.

The episode introduces several new tricks currently in the works, including Wallies, Slappies, Boned Ollies, Variable Speed Flip Tricks, and Held Flip Tricks. Episode also reveals, as the development progresses, the team emphasizes prioritizing riskier mechanics, focusing on elements previously unexplored.

Ensuring an inclusive experience for advanced players and newcomers, the development process involves meticulously capturing various ways to perform each trick. Motion capture technology is pivotal, enabling the animation team to bring the skaters’ movements to life.

The game is in the playtesting phase on PC, with potential console playtesting on the horizon. Full Circle reassured console players that they had not been overlooked and that console playtesting would be incorporated.

A notable addition is the ability for players to climb walls, providing verticality to the city environment. Full Circle emphasizes its commitment to enhancing exploration, as players can uncover hidden spots in the city beyond street level.

Additionally, Full Circle has transitioned from a testing environment to crafting the in-game location, which will become San Vansterdam. Although still in early development, the team offers a glimpse of this evolving cityscape.

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