Muxy starts Indie Initiative to assist small studios on Twitch

The company delivers uniquely engaging experiences for viewers of game live streams on Twitch.

Muxy has announced the launch of its Indie Initiative, a program aimed at helping small game developers level the marketing playing field with AAA publishers. The initiative allows developers access to Muxy’s platform to develop Twitch extensions.

The company stated that developers will have total control over defining elements of their game that streamers can use to engage the audience. It offers a complete framework to create interactive audience features for games, allowing viewers to help or hinder the caster during gameplay live streams.

Muxy’s CEO, Peter Bonanni, commented on the company’s new program:

“Meaningfully engaging streamers and their audiences is a cornerstone of any successful modern marketing campaign. Muxy empowers interactions that are far beyond the basics of chat.”

“It lets developers define elements of their game that audiences can use to engage the streamer. This breakthrough brings the game back to the forefront of the conversation between streamers and their audiences with a new and authentic communication modality.”

The SaaS platform boasts of providing unique experiences for viewers of live-streamed game content on Twitch. The company has partnerships with big names in gaming, such as WB Games, THQ Nordic, Bethesda, Blizzard, EA, and Sega.

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