One Dot Games utilizes AI for game design art

Integrating AI creativity into the design phase, the company primarily made storyboard drawings, as well as basic artwork with AI.

Istanbul-based game studio One Dot Games shared that the company has integrated AI creativity into the design phase, creating storyboard drawings and basic artwork with AI.

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After working with various publishers in the hyper-casual industry for over a year, One Dot Games decided to change its route from hyper-casual to mid-core and casual games. In this process, the company integrated AI creativity into the design phase for artwork, storyboards, and basic design concepts.

Company’s Game Designer Caner Coşkun said:

“Right now, we cannot see where the line is drawn when it comes to the usage of AI technology. People make good arguments, but a new update or technology comes each day and shatters those arguments.

After reading The controversy over AI-generated imagery growing and branching out article on Mobidictum, we have considered integrating AI into our early visual design stage and decided to see what AI can offer.

We listed what we wanted visually, and the result that came from AI was pretty shocking. Images generated helped us to explain our design concept to the art team. We used AI-generated images for basic storytelling visuals and storyboard.”

One Dot Games announced the beginning of a funding round in 2023 Q1 with its new mid-core game.

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