Privacy changes cause threefold Apple Search Ads share growth

A recent report revealed a threefold growth for Apple while Google Ads and Meta Ads lost ground.
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Apple Search Ads has shown tremendous growth, gaining threefold the amount of market share compared to H1 2020, according to a recent report. It is also stated that Apple Search Ads has become the number one media source in iOS at the moment.

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The report shared that Google Ads and Meta Ads lost market share while smaller companies expanded in the market, compared to H2 2021. The two giants are still comfortably leading the Android market.

Among the two, Meta was more heavily affected by the iOS privacy changes and lost a considerable amount, even though it was thriving on iOS back in 2020.

Apple Search Ads, however, “functions independently of SKAN and deterministically attributes users regardless of ATT consent,” states the report. Business for Apple Search Ads has been prosperous, as it also holds a comfortable lead regarding the non-gaming field. Apple is even looking to expand its advertising branch.

The report came from AppsFlyer and covered detailed information about the ad market. AppsFlyer’s Director of Marketing Insights, Shani Rosenfelder, shared thoughts about the privacy changes in a statement:

“All of these changes for marketers and media companies have presented multiple opportunities. Apple’s privacy changes continue to pose challenges, while macroeconomic conditions are forcing marketers to be ruthlessly focused on the most profitable media sources and channels as costs of media rise.

“Ecosystem players need to rapidly adapt to a more risk averse environment and think outside the box to maintain efficiency at scale. Adaptability can prove instrumental and separate between tomorrow’s winners and losers.”

The Performance Index 15 report covers many more topics, including market conditions, macro factors, ironSource and Mintegral’s market share rise, and detailed information about the status of Google, Meta, and Apple in H2 of 2022.

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