Unity CEO: Metaverse goes beyond the science fiction of 1990s

According to John Riccitiello, the metaverse will have millions of locations available across multiple platforms.
John Riccitiello Metaverse
Unity Technologies CEO John Riccitiello shared his views on the metaverse.

Unity Technologies CEO John Riccitiello shared his views on the metaverse in his speech at Augmented World Expo. He stated that as there are millions of destinations today, millions of locations will be in the metaverse over time.

Saying that he defines Metaverse as a real-time, 3D, interactive and social new internet, Riccitiello thinks that all these definitions can benefit Unity, one of the most popular engines for making games.

Riccitiello said that Stephenson and other metaverse thinkers were wrong when they thought we could only access the metaverse through VR headsets. Riccitiello thinks we will access the metaverse from headphones, glasses, computers, consoles, and smartphones.

Believing that social connection is a must for you to do activities such as trying on an outfit and showing it to your friends before you buy it, Riccitiello has the following words on the subject;

“The world of the metaverse today goes beyond the science fiction of the 1990s. I hope this talk can be a call of imagination for the next era of the internet and 3D.”

Kevin Krewell, an analyst at Tirias Research, agreed that Riccitiello’s definition of the metaverse would benefit Unity, especially with real-time and 3D parts. But he said the challenge of creating millions of metaverse destinations is that there isn’t yet a browser for the metaverse.

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