Well-Link Technologies raises $40 million in Series B2 round

“Graphics as a Service) has arrived, and the industry has evolved from cloud gaming to real-time cloud rendering” says the company.
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Chinese cloud computing and tech company Well-Link has secured its fifth round of financing and raised $40 million in Series B2. The financing round was led by Temasek, joined by Future Capital, CDH Ventus, and Growth Capital (VGC). The latter capitals were existing investors in the tech company.

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Well-Link Technologies will use this new funding to better its software and hardware integrated real-time cloud rendering capabilities and accelerate the building of next-gen computing and rendering architecture.

The company fully believes in the power of GaaS —graphics as a service in this case— and claims that 5G- empowered cellular networks as well as other improvements across several technologies allow cloud-based services to thrive.

“The age of GaaS (Graphics as a Service) has arrived, and the industry has evolved from cloud gaming to real-time cloud rendering.”

Well-Link showed “Cloud Genshin Impact” to prove the capabilities of cloud gaming to investors and the Chinese tech entity is already heavily invested in improving dedicated servers for cloud services, and cloud rendering-based digital human platforms, as well as the next-gen architecture called Ark.

Well-Link’s press release also includes a “What’s next” bit; sharing the message below:

“After this round of financing, Well-Link will continue to explore applications of real-time cloud rendering in other much-needed scenarios such as VR/AR, better enable content creation on the cloud, encourage the development of higher quality content, and ultimately achieve the goal of building the future digital world.”

Many industry experts put cloud gaming at the center of the future of metaverse, as well as VR and AR technologies. Cloud is expected to solve many issues that make the VR/AR experience a clunky experience.

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