GGWP raises $12M from a seed funding round

Gaming moderation platform GG WP has raised $12 million to work towards reducing “toxicity” in online games.
GGWP wants to create a cleaner gaming environment using technology.

Game moderation and management platform GGWP has returned with $12 million from its seed funding round. The company wants to develop technologies to reduce toxicity (annoying behavior) in online games with the fund.

The system designed by GGWP is based on a kind of “reputation points.” The system examines the players complained about before and assigns them a reputation point. Information such as why these complaints are made and how the player behaves in the game is collected and processed. This makes it easier to identify the players causing problems.

The funding round was led by Bitkraft Ventures. Major investors such as Makers Fund, Griffin Gaming Partners, Sony Innovation Fund, Riot Games also contributed to the round. GGWP was founded in 2020 by George NG, Dennis Fong, and Kun Gao. Since its inception, the company has continued its vision of “to democratize positive play using technology.”

Dennis Fong, CEO of GGWP, made the following statement on the subject:

“There’s a lot of research that shows bad behavior is bad for business. 22% of players have quit playing a game due to toxicity. With GGWP, we are modernizing game moderation. With the ability to respond at scale, we can dramatically improve game experiences, and in turn, improve game businesses.”

Many online gaming platforms, especially Riot Games, which is among the investors, are negatively affected by the players’ bad behavior towards each other. Although companies try to prevent toxicity with various methods, they are not entirely successful. GGWP promises a more advanced solution in this regard and therefore attracts the attention of investors.

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