Google Cloud and NCSOFT collaborate to utilize generative AI for better games

Google Cloud and NCSOFT have announced a collaboration wherein NCSOFT, a global premier game developer and publisher, is utilizing Google Cloud’s AI infrastructure to enhance its in-house large language model (LLM) set, VARCO LLM.

NCSOFT’s VARCO LLM is specifically designed to generate high-quality content for game development, resulting in a suite of AI-powered tools for tasks such as text creation, managing digital characters, facilitating player-to-virtual-character conversations, and dynamic storyline generation based on player actions. This integration aims to create a more engaging and dynamic gaming experience for players.

Generative AI tools, founded on LLMs, are anticipated to play a crucial role in over half of the video game development process within the next five to ten years, as per research by Bain & Company. To meet evolving player expectations, game developers require technology and infrastructure capable of seamless scalability.

NCSOFT employed Google Cloud Tensor Processor Units (TPUs) to develop VARCO LLM, conducting model training over the past year. This utilization of Google Cloud TPUs allowed NCSOFT to optimize the performance and cost of large-scale AI training workloads.

Lee Yeon-soo, the head of NLP Center at NCSOFT, expressed the company’s commitment to using AI for creating innovative gaming experiences. The partnership with Google Cloud, leveraging the exceptional performance and scalability of TPUs, has enabled NCSOFT to efficiently develop VARCO LLM. The company looks forward to continuing its collaboration with Google Cloud to explore the potential of generative AI in games.

NCSOFT plans to leverage VARCO LLM for various AI-powered game services, including dynamically generated game content, digital characters with natural and realistic interactions with players, and chatbots for customer support.

Jack Buser, Director for Games at Google Cloud, emphasized the significant potential of generative AI in the gaming industry. Through this collaboration, NCSOFT aims to bring new immersive experiences to players with the support of Google Cloud’s powerful AI infrastructure.

This collaboration strengthens NCSOFT’s longstanding relationship with Google Cloud, as the company continues to expand its global services and advance technology using various Google Cloud solutions such as Vertex AI and BigQuery.

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