How can mobile game developers maximize organic success?

SuperScale has unveiled its latest ebook, “From Organic Success to Long-Term Revenue,” expanding on insights from its renowned study, “Good Games Don’t Die.” 
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This new publication aims to equip mobile game developers with actionable strategies to sustain and enhance revenue when their games experience organic traction. While organic strategies like celebrity endorsements, streamer coverage, and TikTok virality can swiftly propel a game to the top of the charts, maintaining long-term popularity presents challenges

According to the Good Games Don’t Die Report findings, 76% of launched games hit peak revenue, but nearly half (47%) of games declined within the first year. The ebook aims to guide developers to optimize the enduring revenue potential of games that have enjoyed organic success.

Among the key insights offered is the revelation that over a quarter (26%) of developers do not measure the lifetime value (LTV) and return on ad spend (ROAS) for their games. The ebook addresses this gap, offering insights into LTV and ROAS measurement and highlighting the importance of factors like seasonality and marketing for experienced game developers. Additionally, only 41% of developers utilize Ad mediation platforms, a process explained within the ebook by SuperScale specialists, who offer guidance on selecting the right network and optimizing bidding and waterfall processes.

Ivan Trancik, CEO and Founder of SuperScale, stated:

“The findings from the Good Games Don’t Die white paper have been read far and wide by the industry. We’ve delved into the data to deliver an ebook that addresses the opportunities some developers are not currently exploring. In today’s mobile gaming landscape, every revenue-making opportunity counts, so we’re giving developers the insights to take their organic success to the next level.”

The full version of the “From Organic Success to Long-Term Revenue” ebook is available via the link.

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