How can MBC help you improve your skills in the games industry?

Mobidictum Business Conference, the largest game industry event in the region, provides a common ground where you improve yourself in many fields.
Mobidictum Business Conference Workshop
Mobidictum Business Conference size hem şirketinizi hem de kendinizi geliştirmeniz için workshop fırsatları sunuyor.

The workshops by experts at Mobidictum Business Conference will help you grow whether you’re a seasoned game industry veteran or a newcomer, an indie developer, or even a studio owner.

MBC —will be held at Haliç Congress Center on September 5-6— will host a number of high-quality workshops on both days of the event. The workshops will take place in a special room called “Kuleli”, and will bring the game industry experts, leading publishers, investors, service providers, developers, and novices alike.

What fields will the workshops cover?

The workshops will focus on Product, Marketing, and Business categories. All ticket holders can attend these workshops, and get a chance to grow themselves by listening to the experts live and getting the latest news about the emerging trends in the games industry.

You can decide which content you want to be in the Mobidictum Business Conference by checking the schedule to be shared with an announcement to be made sometime before the event day.

We’ll announce the event schedule in the near future, worry not, the announcement will come way before the event day. You’ll be able to decide which events/sessions you want to take part in. So, get your discounted ticket now and make sure to secure your seat for our unique workshops!

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