Inworld’s report reveals that gamers are willing to pay more for intelligent AI-supported NPCs

Inworld’s report says 99% of gamers think AI will improve gameplay. The report also reveals many insights into gamers’ attitudes toward NPCs.

Inworld is a developer platform for adding advanced NPC behavior and dialogue to games and real-time experiences. The company uses more than 20 AI models to create lifelike, engaging, and expressive characters that mimic the dynamic nature of human interaction. Inworld surveyed gamers to shed light on the expectations of gamers from the NPCs. The report revealed many insights about gamers’ expectations from NPCs, many of which were obvious among gamers yet needed to be solidified with data.

According to the report, 84% of gamers, especially players of the Y generation and millennials, think NPCs affect the gameplay, and around the same majority of them believe they are essential. 59% of gamers love finding out about their backstories, while 40% of the players interact with as many NPCs as possible to explore optional story content.

Most gamers think current NPCs are frustrating. Repetitive dialog and their lack of ability to adapt to changes in the game, story, and environment are some of the reasons why the players think NPCs are frustrating. The players wish to see more adaptive behavior and traits that improve gameplay.

According to the report, most gamers are excited about advanced AI NPCs. They believe that advanced AI NPCs will make the game more immersive and improve the gameplay experience. Most gamers who participated in the survey also want all main NPCs to be supported by advanced AI. 

The survey also showed that 81% of gamers would be willing to pay more for a game that features advanced AI NPCs. 

Advanced AI NPCs are powered by multiple machine-learning models designed to mimic the dynamic social nature of human interaction. These include natural language, text-to-speech, machine vision, and emotional processing models that allow advanced AI NPCs to engage in complex, real-time dynamic conversations and show awareness of players and their surroundings. While past attempts to create more lifelike NPCs have often revolved around building more complex dialogue trees, new technology will allow NPCs to leave dialogue trees and step into the field of unscripted dialogue. You can get the full repot here.

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