Jabali raises $5 million to build a generative AI-powered game engine

The funding will fuel the expansion of Jabali’s team, refinement of proprietary models, and acceleration of product development.
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Jabali, an AI company focused on advancing game engines and empowering game designers and developers, has secured a $5 million seed round led by BITKRAFT Ventures, with support from Sapphire Sport, Sony Innovation Fund, Canonical Ventures, and several notable angel investors from companies like Amazon, Google AI, Open AI, and Pinterest. 

Founded by game industry veterans from Amazon, Meta, Zynga, and Microsoft, alongside leading AI researchers with extensive publications in prestigious journals, Jabali aims to revolutionize game development processes. With over 50 years of combined gaming experience, the team seeks to democratize game creation by leveraging generative AI technology, removing barriers such as excessive coding and complicated workflows.

Jabali’s generative AI-powered game engine enables users to create diverse games and interactive experiences without requiring extensive game development expertise. By integrating advancements in multimodal generative AI, Jabali aims to redefine the capabilities of game engines, making game creation accessible to anyone with a creative vision.

Vatsal Bhardwaj, Founder and CEO of Jabali, expressed the company’s vision to partner with visionary game makers and explore new game mechanics using AI. Scott Rupp, Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures, emphasized the potential of Jabali to democratize game creation and drive innovation in the rapidly growing game industry, leveraging Bhardwaj’s extensive experience in game technology and Dr. Arnav Jhala’s expertise in AI and video game research.

Joseph Tou, Managing Director at Sony Ventures, highlighted the critical role of game engines in expanding creative capability and reach, endorsing Jabali’s approach to integrating multimodal generative AI technology into the core of game engines. Tou affirmed Jabali’s position as a leader in shaping the future of game creation by harnessing the disruptive potential of AI across various sectors.

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