Key trends of influencer marketing for 2023

It is known that in recent years, influencer marketing has become one of the most popular channels for attracting users and advertising products, as well as mobile applications. According to different data on the platforms of YouTube, TikTok and Instagram today there are between 3.2 and 37.8 million influencers. And their numbers continue to grow while ad integration formats continue to improve.

Brands are getting a bigger return on investment in influencer marketing than in other forms of digital advertising. In some cases, the ROI from influencer marketing is 11 times higher compared to banner advertising.

Analytical team of Zorka.Agency has made an analysis of the state of influencer marketing. As a result 5 key trends of influencer marketing in 2023 were identified.

1. Increase in advertising

By the number of users, YouTube is the world’s second largest social network and first influencer platform – 2.5 billion visits per month. When we analyze the number of sponsored mentions on YouTube in 2022, we see that the number of sponsored content increases compared to 2021. That means, the ad placement is picking up momentum after a decline in the post-covid year – this tendency will increase in the coming year.

graphic about mentions and trending

2. Multiplatform

For many years we have been working in the influencer marketing field, helping mobile developers to increase the number of users in different regions – Asia, USA, Europe, etc. More and more often brands choose several promotion platforms within one advertising campaign: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. The most successful companies prepare a brief for each platform, taking into consideration the specifics of placement and content format.

3. Contextuality 

In 2022 a small number of brands are running big influencer marketing campaigns from month to month: just a couple names – Keeps, Manscaped, Skillshare, RAID, Hero Wars, Monster Legends, Dragon City, Genshin Impact. We can see that now brands mostly launch IM campaigns for some kind of occasion, like a game update, new market launch, project anniversary, etc.

Also the peaks of ad placements in the influencer content fall on the autumn and winter months: October (Halloween), November (Black Friday), December (Christmas), at this time period May-September is traditionally a period of slack.

4. Influencer Marketing 2.0

Influencer marketing is becoming different, more complex and creative. If previously it was enough to choose the right Influencer and buy ad placement, today the interaction between the brand and Influencers is taking new forms.

In 2022 there are more and more special projects with Influencers on the market. Well-rehearsed communication situations with the audience, where regular communication channels and formats are used in some creatively different way. For example, as in the State of Survival collaboration with The Walking Dead or Dragon CIty/Monster Legends.

Influencer marketing 2.0 is more than ad placement or content creation. Influencer marketing 2.0 develops a full-fledged advertising campaign strategy, special project idea and its implementation. The whole process is beyond the usual scope of interaction and can involve one or more Influencers.

5. Forced retention of audience attention

Social networks are packed with promotional messages that sound like a ‘white noise’ to the consumer. Due to the overload of promotional content, it is necessary to look for new forms of saving of Promo Retention. One common technique has been to embed ad integration in a quick rotation with the blogger’s content in such a way that the viewer can’t miss the ads.

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