Korean League of Legends digital collectibles are now open to pre-register

Pre-registration begins on April 8, the day of the LCK Spring league finals.
League of Legends digital card FAKER

League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) chose LEGENDARIES as its first digital collectible business partner for League of Legends global esports on March 31, signing an official IP licensing agreement and announcing that the service will be launched soon. LCK LEGENDARIES, a digital collectible service that allows global LCK fans to enjoy League of Legends esports in a completely new way, changing the framework of fandom service via official LCK game clips and IP.

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The digital collectibles launched by LEGENDARIES will include images of players like ‘Faker‘ Sang-hyeok Lee and ‘Deft‘ Hyuk-kyu Kim who are active in the LCK, along with the player’s champions and highlight videos. Fans will not only be able to purchase and trade digital collectibles within the LEGENDARIES platform, but also be able to enjoy a whole new fandom experience that goes beyond simply watching the LCK games. On the official LCK LEGENDARIES Discord community, fans can participate in various events such as building their own rosters and teams, and receive rewards for their participation in the community.

LEGENDARIES and LCK will operate the digital collectible service in close collaboration to create a service such as the immediate release of the digital collectible of the best player selected during the match, truly catered to the LCK fans which will include various on and offline viewing experiences provided by LCK. Additionally, LEGENDARIES will collaborate with LCK, esports teams, and pro players, to provide a digital collectibles service with greater online and offline benefits for all the LCK fans. Also, LCK LEGENDARIES Digital Collectibles will support the growth of LCK as 50% of LCK’s revenue share will be allocated to LCK teams and the league itself.

Three former players Ambition, Wolf, and CloudTemplar, who played a major role in popularizing the early LCK into a world-class league, are serving as ambassadors for the LCK LEGENDARIES service. They are actively promoting the LCK LEGENDARIES’ digital collectible service, garnering increasing interest and reactions from fans.

Fans who pre-register will receive a limited edition special pack that only pre-registration participants can obtain, and they will be the first to receive exclusive news about upcoming events on the LEGENDARIES platform. 

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