Liftoff and Vungle officially rebrand as “Liftoff”

All the brands and solutions are now harmonized under the name “Liftoff”.
New Liftoff logo and icons of the solutions the company offers

Global performance-based mobile app marketing optimization platform Liftoff and mobile app discovery and enablement platform Vungle agreed to join forces back in August 2021, and the merger between the two mobile giants officially closed in early October 2021.

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Following the merger, the company was known as Liftoff Vungle for some time, but as of now Liftoff is “truly one Liftoff”. The company refreshed its logo as well, updated its website, and renamed all the solutions it offers as part of the rebranding strategy. The mobile growth acceleration platform now offers the following services to advertisers, publishers, game developers, and DSPs.

  • Liftoff Accelerate (DSP, formerly Liftoff)
  • Liftoff Direct (formerly Vungle advertising)
  • Liftoff Monetize (formerly Vungle publisher SDK)
  • Liftoff Influence (formerly JetFuel)
  • Liftoff Intelligence (powered by GameRefinery)
  • Vungle Exchange (VX)

The official press release says the rebranding strategy aims to unify Liftoff, Vungle, and other business in the company portfolio under one brand name.

Liftoff was the Star Sponsor of Mobidictum Business Conference 2022, the largest video games industry event to take place in the region. Liftoff’s Sales Director Kevan Merlehan and Client Partner Greg Mansell held sessions on maximizing game revenue and building/growing an audience for video games, respectively.

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