Importance of localization and why should you be doing it – MBC 2022

Emrecan Şeker, Sales Director of Orient Games Localization, spoke about the importance of localization at Mobidictum Business Conference.
A headshot of Orient Games Localization's Emrecan Şeker

Emrecan Şeker, Sales Director of Orient Games Localization, attended Mobidictum Business Conference and held a solo session about the importance of localization and why it’s essential for game studios.

In the introduction, Şeker stated his five main points for the presentation:

  • Explaining the difference between localization, translation, and culturalization.
  • Exploring the concepts of localization breadth versus localization depth.
  • Sharing game revenues and game rankings.
  • Elaborating on localization in the Turkish market.
  • Talking about Orient Games Localization.

The experienced director gave a clear definition to localization breadth and depth. He explained localization breadth as the number of languages the company translates, and depth as the amount of content translated in each language. Şeker also mentioned that translating to different language would increase player loyalty for any game, as gamers feel more invested into a game in their own language.

“When you don’t localize your games, there is less purchasing intent, and also, most of the time, players actually want to play the games in their own mother language. This is especially the case in Asian markets. It’s really hard to have organic growth in Asian markets when you don’t translate into their mother language. Even if they are able to or willing to play the games in English, they prefer to play them in their own language.”

Later, Şeker spoke about the game industry moving towards subscription-based purchases, such as the Xbox Game Pass. He recognized that Sony and Netflix are moving forward with subscription-based game platforms and stated that gamers will look for the “whole package” when they pay monthly. Players will demand the option to play the game in their mother language, meaning that localization services will be essential for the rise of subscription-based gaming.

Şeker finished the presentation with a quick introduction on Orient Games Localization, stating that the company has a wide variety of services, such as localization, LQA, testing, voiceovers, and dubbing. You can reach the complete session along with more relevant content by clicking the button below.

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