Match Factory! ranks second in the top trending chart

Peak Games’ Match Factory! secures the second position in the top trending revenue chart for casual games in Tier-1 West, reflecting notable growth, and has potential for further success.
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Peak Games’ Match Factory! has secured the second position in the top trending chart by revenue in Tier-1 West countries for casual games, according to AppMagic data. Peak Games boasts a successful track record in the match-2 genre, with acclaimed titles like Toon Blast, accumulating a lifetime user spending of $2.78 billion, and Toy Blast closely following with earnings of $1.78 billion.

As a match 3D title, Match Factory! falls under the puzzle category, challenging players to identify and organize similar objects within a three-dimensional space, forming trios. The game’s success can be attributed to the publisher’s expertise in the casual game industry and its extensive resources. However, it does not introduce revolutionary innovations and resembles other prominent titles in the genre.

Ranking as the fourth-highest grosser by cumulative revenue in Peak Games’ portfolio, Match Factory! even have the potential to surpass the position of Lost Bubble shortly. Launched in August 2023, the game has already garnered nearly $10 million, exhibiting impressive +350% month-over-month growth in November and December 2023.

United States is the source of 77% the game’s revenue, with the United Kingdom contributing 10% and Canada 2%. Regarding distribution platforms, 99% of Match Factory!’s revenue is generated through the App Store, with a minimal 1% coming from Google Play.

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