Mattel looks to fill new positions to flourish in the digital game industry

The company is searching for appropriate candidates to fill three managerial positions.
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Mattel, the globally known toy company, has been looking to expand its digital branch for several years. Mike DeLaet, Head of Digital Gaming, shared that the company is looking to fill three managerial positions.

In the LinkedIn post by DeLaet, the positions are listed as follows:

  • Head of Business Development & Licensing
  • Senior Manager, Mobile Licensing
  • Senior Manager, PC/Console Licensing

Mike DeLaet himself had joined Mattel almost a month ago, on July 25th, bringing 20 years of experience to the company that’s attempting to branch out into the digital game industry for the past few years.

Mattel is a colossal name in the industry, and this announcement will surely bring a lot of suitable candidates to the company. It’s also a bonus that the firm has been certified by Great Place to Work two years in a row.

Alongside its two certificates, Mattel has also been recognized as one of Fast Company’s 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators, making it highly probable that one would thoroughly enjoy working in such an environment.

The company has been looking for collaborations in the digital game scene for the past few years. Mattel launched a He-Man interactive experience on Roblox in April alongside Gamefam, an LA-based game developer.

The firm also worked on a Hot Wheels game named Hot Wheels Unleashed in 2020. The game was developed by Milestone, one of the industry’s most experienced racing game developers, and was released for PC and major consoles. Mattel described the game experience as an “action-packed arcade-style racing experience featuring Hot Wheels cars and sky-high tracks.”

The company believes that the future lies in the digital game industry, and it’s obvious it looks to expand in this area along with new and experienced recruits and a focused strategy.

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